Thank you all for being so patient as I figure out how to convert my “gag-a-day” comic into a long form webcomic. I have a ton of ideas on how I will do this and I think once I start, you all will find a new love for the Lil’ Miesters! These adventurous kids and their huge personalities are about to really come to life!! Stay tooned, because it happens this month!!

Thank you for reading,

Thomas Barnett

Switching things up

I have been toying with an idea for some time now. I am going to be switching from a gag a day style webcomic to a long form webcomic featuring the Lil’ Miesters where they can get into adventures and mischief over an arching storyline. I want to try this kind of storytelling and see where it goes. I hope you will join me for the new adventure and as always, thank you for reading! I will post more on this very soon.

Tom Barnett


Ready for some new strips!?!?!?

The move went great and the family is adjusting well!!! The Lil’ Miesters are anxious to get some brand new strips rolling again and in just 5 short days, the laughs will be BRAND NEW!!! I want to thank everyone for understanding the hiatus from new strips due to our family moving into a new home. It’s a lot of work and a lot to get settled. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your patience!!!

Thomas Barnett


Life has a way of throwing curves. This particular curve is a good one though! With a hectic work schedule here, Wizard World Convention this weekend and a even busier week next week….I need to take a small hiatus. I have uploaded old strips that some of you may not have seen before to give you something while I am away. New strips will start again on September 8th! I hope that you all will hang in there with me and look forward to more fun and laughter with the Lil’ Miesters starting new September 8th!!! I thank you in advance for your understanding!!

Thomas Barnett

Guilty feelings!!!

I am feeling so guilty about not being able to post any new strips until Monday!!!! How bout some retro stuff to tide you over!? Thank you so much for understanding my situation. I don’t make a lot of money doing my own strip, so when i have big deadlines to meet for a paying job, I need to get that done first…..please, accept my apologies and here is some retro Lil’ Miesters to tide you over til Monday when new strips start up again!!!!

Paying the bills

Hi all,

I need to take a few days off from the strip as I have become very busy with paying freelance jobs and I am swamped. I need to take a few days to catch up and I need to prepare for a convention this Saturday. So due to the very busy schedule the next few days, new strips will resume on Monday. Sorry for the delay, but I know you understand and I thank all of you so much for your patience when I get bogged down like this! My readers are the BEST!!!!!!!!! Comment on this if you would like me to post some throw back strips up to hold you over til Monday!


Parts unknown

I apologize for the lack of giggles today….We are in parts unknown by modern man……I may have just seen a Bigfoot having tea with a Unicorn…..We will return with brand new strips on Monday…until then, please enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!!!! See you Monday!

Convention Weekend

Hi folks! It was a long weekend at a convention, so please pardon the absence of a new strip today. I am just wiped and drained from the busy weekend! I would like to share with my readers a few pictures from the con though! New strips start up again tomorrow as Ned returns home from Memphis! Thank you for your understanding and continued support!